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SLIPS® Dolphin™ is a revolutionary lubricious silicone foul-release coating for the control of marine biofouling organisms.

Compared to conventional marine paints, Dolphin™ provides a non-toxic solution by using lubricant and other mechanisms to create a surface that marine organisms, such as algae and barnacles, have difficulty adhering to.

For use on commercial and recreational oceangoing ship hulls. May also be used in structures exposed to marine fouling.

How much paint do I need?

For a rough estimate of the area to be painted, multiply the length of your hull (LOA) by the beam and multiply by 0.85. (LOA x B x 0.85 = Area).

Our paint covers 160-200sq ft per gallon, depending on how thick is it applied. You can use this as a general guide:

Hull SizeAmount
Under 25ft1 gallon
25-30ft1.5 gallon
30-35ft2 gallon
35-40ft2.5 gallon

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