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SLIPS® Dolphin™ Bottom Paint

Keep your boat CLEAN. Keep your boat GREEN.

Gallon Kit comes with one gallon of Top Coat and one gallon of Tie Coat.
Quart Kit comes with one quart of Top Coat and one quart of Tie Coat.

Barnacles, mussels, and micro-organisms that stick to boat hulls is an ongoing and costly nuisance for boat owners. Any buildup of biofouling leads to increased boat drag, greater fuel costs, and the headache of cleaning your boat more than enjoying it.

SLIPS® Dolphin™ is an entirely new kind of marine bottom paint for recreational and commercial boats of all sizes, and solves the persistent problem of biofouling. It creates an ultra-smooth, slippery surface that fouling can’t attach to. The paint lasts multiple seasons so you don’t have to worry about painting your boat every year. And unlike many existing products on the market today, SLIPS® Dolphin™ doesn’ t contain any biocides and is environmentally friendly.

Save Fuel with Dolphin™

Customers who use SLIPS® Dolphin™ see an 8% increase in fuel savings over traditional anti-fouling solutions. For the summer weekend warrior, that’s nearly $1,000 in savings.

Superior Performance That Lasts Multiple Seasons

With proper care SLIPS® Dolphin™ can last multiple boating seasons, so you won’t have to paint your boat every year.


Environmentally Friendly

SLIPS® Dolphin™ contains zero biocides and is safe for the environment. 

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Globally Tested Performance

To ensure SLIPS® Dolphin™ works in all types of waters and environments, our team field tested the product in multiple locations around the globe. 

SLIPS® Testing Sites

SLIPS® Dolphin™ stays clean after 8 months in tropical Singaporean waters, compared to US Navy standard copper paint.

SLIPS® Dolphin™ shows superior fouling control versus leading recreational anti-fouling copper paint after 12 months of waterline exposure in Tuticorin Bay, Southern India.

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